Who Bought Chelsea Football Club? The Latest News!

Who Bought Chelsea Football Club?

Chelsea finally belongs to a new owner. It’s sad to say goodbye to Abraham. Who bought Chelsea Football club? Learn more from Tvlivefootball

The acquisition of Chelsea

The transfer of ownership of Chelsea football club has finally been completed after nearly a month of being confirmed. The British press reported that American billionaire Todd Boehly bought this team for $5.4 billion. The team’s homepage also officially announced this information on 2022 May. 

In fact, information about billionaire Todd Boehly’s acquisition of Chelsea club has appeared since the beginning of May this year. However, until now, the transfer has officially been completed. The farewell to Russian owner Roman Abramovic made many Chelsea fans extremely regretful. However, in the current context, the new acquisition will Chelsea’s situation better. 

Who Bought Chelsea Football Club?
The acquisation of Chelsea

Specifically, Todd Boehly teamed up with two billionaires and longtime partners of Dodgers Mark Walter, Hansjorg Wyss and investment firm Clearlake Capital to buy Chelsea. These billionaires will buy Chelsea for £2.5 billion and they will commit to investing another £1.75 billion to develop the team.

In the acquisition of Chelsea, Todd Boehly is the leader.

After taking over at Chelsea, it is reported that Todd will grant coach Thomas Tuchel a budget of US$250 million. So, the German coach can continue to upgrade the squad, especially in the context that Chelsea will have many problems. the pillar where the defense leaves in the near future.

More about Todd Boehly, who bought Chelsea football club

Todd Boehly, who is a German-American businessman, is 49 years old. Boehly loves sports. He was a high school wrestling champion, but exactly, an investor. 

From his office in Greenwich, Connecticut (USA), Boehly collects the numbers and invests strategically for the company he founded, Eldridge, a £40 billion asset management company.

Todd Boehly loves sports
Todd Boehly loves sports as well

Boehly is interested in sports and considers it as a business, especially its huge potential for copyright content. 

LA Dodgers baseball club is a famous sports brand but they were in financial trouble in 2012. Todd Boehly was the ones who rescued them. 

Contrary to popular opinion, Boehly feels this is a money-making opportunity in the context of an increasingly specialized content media, with Netflix about to explode.

Boehly chose to partner with a group of investors. They bought the Dodgers at a time when the team’s television rights were worth about $5 billion a year. A year later, they struck a 25-year deal with Time Warner, valuing the copyright at $8 billion a year. 

Chelsea fans revere Roman Abramovich, the billionaire who turned a mid-tier club into a powerful force in England and Europe. Boehly is a businessman with a different philosophy and style. But he certainly will not disappoint the Blues fans.

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