Who is Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend?

Who is Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend?
Who is Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend?

Mikky Kiemeney is Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend. She has been with De Jong since he was an unknown young player on the Dutch team until the midfielder was noticed by the whole of Europe in the color of Ajax Amsterdam. Who is Mikky Kiemeney? Let’s explore information about this girl with TVlivefootball. 

About Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend

Know more a simple, beautiful, and attractive girlfriend of Frenkie de Jong.

Frenkie de Jong girlfriend
Frenkie de Jong girlfriend

A brief biography 

Mikky Kiemeney is a well-known Dutch Instagram star, social media influencer, professional ice hockey player, fashion designer, and businessman from Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands. She was born on April 17, 1998. Mikky becomes more famous throughout the nation for being “Frenkie de Jong’s” girlfriend.

Mikky Kiemeney career and  lifestyle

Mikky Kiemeney used to be a hockey player. She has been playing for HC Den Bosch club since the age of 17. Kiemeney participated in many hockey championships during her sports career before retiring and becoming an entrepreneur.

Kiemeney now owns her own fashion brand called Mikkyki. She is also a social media star with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Take a look at Mikky Kiemeney Instagram account where she regularly posts photos with her boyfriend Frenkie De Jong.

Unlike many WAGs who love a glamorous, bold style, Kiemeney chooses for herself strong, dynamic but still stylish outfits.

Frenkie de Jong Girlfriend
Mikky Kiemeney

Fans adore both Mikky Kiemeney and Frenkie de Jong because of their gentle appearance. Whenever they appear together, it’s always a pleasant feeling. 

Now Mikky Kiemeney is actually a successful entrepreneur. 

How De Long and Mikky Kiemeney met

The Barcelona midfielder and Mikky Kiemeney have been together for a long time. Since high school, the young couple has met each other. They first connected in high school, and ever since, Mikky has been a supporter of De Jong. 

Kiemeney is always on Frankie’s side ever since they first connected in high school. The couple is currently dating and intends to get married. At Camp Nou in 2019, when Frenkie was introduced as a Barcelona player, Mikky Kiemeney acted as a nice kind girlfriend who supported and encouraged him a lot. 

What a kind-hearted girl who always encourages 

Mikky Kiemeney and De Jong
Mikky Kiemeney and De Jong

Though the club is owing De Jong 17M of salary,  Kiemeney always encourages De Jong. 

According to Kiemeney, De Jong should just be happy and enjoy life and the difficulties will pass. Accompanying it is a video of the two hanging out together and having fun on the beach.

On social networks, Frenkie de Jong’s girlfriend, Mikkie Kiemeney, posted a message of encouragement to her boyfriend in the face of the current difficult situation.

De Jong has always felt very comfortable in Barcelona, a place he loves to live with his partner. In fact, Kiemeney has posted a number of activities both in the city and on the beach, which shows that the two have fully adapted to Barcelona.

The Dutchman will speak to his agent, who is in Barcelona, to make a final decision on his future. Barça has made it clear that if De Jong refuses to take a pay cut, he will have to leave.

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